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Carib Beer Anguilla

Red Lion


We are the exclusive Carib Beer,Heineken Draft and Tropics Frozen Drink Mix Distributor on Anguilla.

We know the local taste of the community and the customers they serve. We distribute Trinidad and St Kitts Carib Brewery beverages,including Caribe,Shandy,Mackeson Stout and Giant Malt 

We have access to many more brands and we are proud to serve the Island's businesses, festivals,  and special occasions.


Carib Beer Distributor Anguilla | Heineken Keg Distributor Anguilla | Tropics Drink Mix Anguilla

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Carib BLUE is a proper tribute to our Iconic Carib Lager. It is a premium, higher alcohol version that captures the excitement of Carib, with added sophistication that respects over 70 years of brewing heritage - inspired by the blue colour in our brand and the blue of the ocean that surrounds us.

6.0% Alcohol | 79 Calories | 3.9%g Carbs | 0gr Fat

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Our More Popular

5% Alcohol

Caribé Cider

Caribé Tropical Hard Cider offers a crisp, premium taste with a refreshing blend of fermented apples and natural, gluten-free flavours for consumers looking for sophistication. Our world-renowned champagne yeast results in a light, dry body taste associated with sparkling wine.

4% Alcohol

Carib Shandy

A great lager beer is by itself a treasure but a great beer combined with the zing of ginger, the festive and spicy sweetness of sorrel or the revitalizing kick of lime creates winning and classic combinations. This is what CARIB Brewery introduced in 1985 - an instant classic.

5.0% Alcohol

Carib Lager

Available in 330mls (Trinidad) and 375mls ( St. Kitts). Carib Lager, is a full-bodied golden brew that bursts to life with every pour. A rich combination of flavour and aromatics blends perfectly to create a unique balance between malt and hops, sweet and bitter.

4.9% Alcohol


Mackeson is a full-bodied milk stout that is “not too sweet and not too bitter.” Its overall sweetness is well balanced by a bitter chocolate characteristic, a signature of the chocolate malt used to brew the stout.

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